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Teleconference Programs

Telephone conference meetings, classes, and discussions conveniently and economically connect people in "real time" who instantly interact to assimilate information, learn new skills and ideas, support each other's efforts and accomplish goals. Teleconferencing has long been a standard tool in coaching education and professional development. The corporate world also embraces teleconferencing, and its application is continually expanding outward.

Nancy Gerber, President of SteppingStones, is a Certified Teleconference Leader trained by Teleclass International. She has extensive experience conducting a wide variety of teleconference programs.

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Teleconferencing in a nutshell

Current technology makes teleconferencing simple and affordable for both program sponsors and participants. Telephone "bridges" that can accommodate 30 to several hundred people are now accessible simply by dialing an ordinary long distance phone number. All callers are connected as they dial in -- imagine a “virtual” meeting room. With long distance rates now at 5 cents per minute, and decreasing, this is an affordable and convenient option for many.

In addition to classes and other learning programs, discussion groups, planning sessions, peer support groups and promotional/marketing events are all taking place in these virtual meeting rooms. Families even reserve bridge lines so that far-flung relatives can connect regularly. The possibilities are endless.

Advantages of Participating in Teleconference Programs

Convenient and relaxed continuous learning at a fraction of the cost of conventional meetings and education programs.

  • No traffic; no extra commuting time
  • No child care logistics and fees
  • Business attire not required
  • Can participate from any telephone anywhere
  • Connect with people from many backgrounds and locations in comfort and convenience
  • Accommodate YOUR schedule
  • Friends and colleagues in any location can participate along with you
  • Low long distance rates make teleconference programs more affordable than commuting

How YOUR Business or Professional Practice can benefit from Teleconferencing

  • Attract new clients by providing valuable information and/or samples of your services
  • Provide potential customers with direct personal experience of you and your company
  • Test new ideas
  • Increase your visibility and credibility
  • Improve teamwork by keeping geographically scattered staff members regularly connected
  • Conduct important training or staff meetings with minimal expense and everyone present
  • Create and maintain an affordable and effective continuous learning environment, which experts agree is the best way to grow a successful business

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Advantages of Working With A Trained Teleconference Facilitator

An effective teleconference experience relies on immediate connection and a meaningful group experience without the visual cues and palpable energy of in-person situations. An expert facilitator knows how to create a productive and energizing teleconference experience that deepens connections and achieves its intended results.

In addition to our Teleconference Classes, Workshops and Discussion Groups, we provide the following cutting-edge services:

  • Custom Design and Facilitation of professional development programs for your organization
  • Co-facilitation of your existing teleconference meetings to improve productivity and effectiveness -- you provide the content and context, we orchestrate the action.
  • Individual and group coaching in Teleconference Leadership Skills for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Attend SteppingStones Teleconference Programs

We conduct several FREE and for-fee programs regularly, including:
How To Live Sanely In An Insane World
Coaching -- It's Not Just For Athletes Anymore
Become A More Conscious Communicator (tm)

Bring Your Dreams To Life -- Create Your Own Success Team

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Resources for the lowest long distance rates

These are the lowest rates we've found to date. Please contact us so we can post and share additional resources.
NOTE: We are not compensated in any way for listing the following resources.

This excellent consumer site provides current rates and clear information. It will help you substantially reduce your long distance costs. We've spend about 40% less in the past year.

A pre-paid plan with a "rechargeable" PIN number that offers 2.9 cents per minute; no service fees or connection charges, and on-line account management.

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