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On a scale of 1 Ė 5, where 1=never; 2=occassionally; 3=sometimes; 4=usually and 5=always, honestly score yourself in the following areas:

___ I can introduce myself and what I do easily in one sentence.
___ Iím comfortable starting a conversation with new people I havenít met before.
___ Iím comfortable joining a group discussion already in progress at a business event.
___ Iím comfortable with and can close a conversation gracefully at a business event.
___ I practice good listening skills.
___ Iím a good interviewer.
___ I can clearly articulate the qualities and characteristics Iím seeking in new customers/clients.
___ Iím genuinely interested in the businesses and activities of others.
___ Iím clear about my boundaries and able to express and act on them appropriately.
___ I enjoy and value helping others and sharing useful information and resources with them.
___ I follow up within 48 hours of making a new connection with someone.
___ I look forward to mingling with and meeting new people.

What your score means:

48-60 You are making the most of your networking opportunities, and most likely get a good deal of business and leads from your networking activities.

36-48 Youíre doing pretty well with your networking activities. You may need to sharpen your communication and relationship skills and perhaps focus in more closely on your business needs and goals.

12-36 You may be challenged by shyness or lack of confidence, and not taking full advantage of how much networking can enhance your business growth. Or, you may be focusing on other business activities more consistently than on networking. You may want to take some time to re-examine and rethink your goals, and develop a specific plan to help you achieve them.