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In this age of increasing electronic connectivity, our mission is to help people deepen their human connections. Our primary focus is on successful communication, relationship and community building. Speeches, seminars and workshops can be customized to suit individual or organizational needs, and are available in a variety of formats:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Breakout sessions
  • Full and one-half day seminars
  • Ongoing workshop series
  • Teleconference programs

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Become a Conscious Communicator (tm)

  • Understand why old ways of communication not longer work -- and how that affects you now
  • Learn how to create rapport instantly and eliminate rude behavior
  • Discover 3 guaranteed ways to immediately improve relationships, become more memorable and enhance business and personal success

Three Little Ways to Make A BIG Difference in Your Life - Immediately!

  • Making choices that are true to your values and priorities
  • Defining and expressing your boundaries clearly and diplomatically
  • How, when and why to say "No" -- and "Yes" -- to create time and space for what matters most

Bring Your Dreams to Life -- Create Your Own Success Team!
(An exciting, interactive Success Team experience which provides a template for starting one's own)

  • Learn the 6 essential steps that bring dreams into reality - and the one thing that kills them every time
  • Minimize obstacles and activate your dreams today - without changing who you are
  • Discover the "secrets" of famous and everyday people who have accomplished their desires

Coaching - It's Not Just For Athletes Anymore

  • Discover the distinctions between coaching and other helping relationships
  • Understand how and why coaching works, and what results to expect
  • Learn who is hiring coaches -- and why
  • Know where to find and how to choose a coach

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The Art of Sales and Networking For Ordinary Mortals

  • Attract and retain customers without artificial gimmicks or formulas
  • Acquire essential success factors that are often missing from conventional sales training
  • Create a networking and sales approach congruent with your values, ethics and personality

Coping With Difficult People - 7 Steps To Better Results

  • Identify different types of difficult behavior and the most simple and effective tactics for each
  • Take back your power and keep the agenda on track
  • Achieve immediate rapport by learning to read personality and environmental signals

Think Like A Winner - It's As Simple As A-B-C!

  • Learn why what you THINK is what you get
  • Change self-defeating thinking into self-enhancing thinking
  • Discover the hidden factor that influences your thinking -- and your success the most

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