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   "Nancy's coaching is intuitive and insightful. From our first coaching session I felt that she really
understood me and what made me tick. Our coaching sessions were both enjoyable and fruitful. I
made progress in a number of different areas of my life during our sessions and credit a lot of the
changes in my life to the time I have spent coaching with Nancy. She coaches with clarity,
authenticity, empathy and respect."

-- Debby Stone, Attorney and Professional Coach

   “Coaching greatly speed up my development process! I have become more aware of my behavior.
I have realized I can’t 'do it all' and how to better enjoy what I can do. I have learned how to make
the most of my strengths and to help compensate for those areas I am not as strong in.
   “I have always felt that you were very available to me. You went above and beyond – I felt I could
contact you at any time – you encouraged me to stay in touch and reach out to you whenever I
needed to. I was also amazed at the way your questions revealed my true motives. You are
excellent at that! You really get to the heart of the matter with a seemingly off-hand comment and I
really learned a lot about myself from this.
   “I will really miss our time together. I have grown these past two years as a person, a wife, a
mother and a businesswoman. I believe what I have learned will be invaluable in moving forward
with my life. I look forward to returning!”
-- Lori Lyons; Principle, Source One Packaging

"Nancy is an excellent movator and always generous with her time. Her coaching has helped me to recognize and utilize my inner resources and abilities in order to achieve my goals. Nancy goes the extra mile to support and inspire."
-- Janie Morgan; Principle; Morgan Communicating Art Ltd

   "Working with Nancy has been a wonderful experience in helping me create a more powerful and
effective business. She listens keenly and asks the right questions to encourage logical and
emotional thinking -- rare qualities in today's rush-about world of business.
   "In less than a month talking to Nancy gave me the confidence to raise my rates, hire an
assistant and finish my book proposal.
   "I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their sales, grow their
business or balance their lives."
-- Susan Harrow, Publicist, Media Coach, Strategist

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   "I appreciate Nancy's candor and tenacity... she challenged me to face uncomfortable situations
head-on and seek the answers from within me while always focusing on balance. She gave me tools
to help find thoseanswers -- tools I continue to use daily. Most of all, she helped me discover a way
to connect what is in my heart, what really motivates me as a person, with a way to satisfy that
need in my professional life also. Nancy is a superb coach, and I look forward to future sessions."
--- Kimberly Volkmer, Marketing & Community Relations Director, Promina Gwinnett Health System


   "When we first met, we were a start-up engineering company with no experience in sales. You
analyzed our strengths and weaknesses and helped us develop a program that would best suit
our situation. Our customer base is growing and our confidence and ability to generate new
business has grown. We have already gotten some new projects.
   "Your help has allowed us to painlessly accomplish our sales goals so that we can concentrate
on the purpose of our business."
-- Dennis Chunn, President, Engineering, SIGMA Control Systems, Inc.

   "During our coaching sessions, I definitely opened up new doors for myself...Almost like the
beginner learning to draw, I feel I now see more things in a new way!"
-- Stephanie Caldwell, Visual Artist


"Nancy Gerber is very thorough, reliable, energetic and passionate about her work. Her energy naturally flows to those around her. Any program I have ever had Nancy facilitate has received excellent reviews. I continue to use her year after year as a presenter of professional and personal growth seminars because she delivers what she promises and those attending the programs greatly benefit from her work."
-- Paige Havens, Director, Membership & Marketing, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

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"Your participation in the 1999 Governor's Small Business Conference helped to make it a great success. The comments received prove your presentation was timely, well presented and informative. In fact, your portion for the program was rated very highly, with 79% of the participants rating it above average or excellent."
-- Melanie Dawson Jackson, CMP, President, Jackson Planners


"It is a tribute to both your observation skills and knowledge…that you were able to home in so quickly on each staff person's role. You exceeded our expectations because of what you were able to accomplish in such a short time. We appreciated your focus on recapturing the passion we feel for our work…"
-- Carey Cleaver, Director of Communications, Georgia Council For The Arts


"You created a tailor-fit program for our company."
-- Evan Toporek, C.O.O., Gagwear, Inc.


"Terrific job! You...conveyed such valuable information. I learned just what I wanted plus more!"
-- S. H., Composer and entrepreneur


"Excellent presentation. Well worth my time."
-- J. F., Vice President of Business Development, executive search firm


"You are very skilled…You included people, made them feel comfortable and kept them on focus."
-- M.C., marketing and public relations professional

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