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No two people have even been identical.  Every individual is a unique mixture of qualities -- important, but difficult to measure.  We are influenced by our heredity, environment and life events.  These factors, along with our experiences, shape us and make us who we are.

The TotalView AssessmentTM is the first validated, business-oriented human resources assessment created in over a quarter of a century.  It was developed beginning in 1989 and was introduced to the business world in 1993.  The chief architect of the TotalView is Dr. David Bertram, head of the Department of Psychology at Hull University.  Dr. Bertram is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a leading specialist in the field of psychometrics.

The TotalView AssessmentTM is the most advanced measuring tool for assessing work-related qualities.  With it, we can obtain accurate information about people that aids in optimizing their potential for career and life success.  The TotalView measures learning speed and style, where strong motivations and interests lie, and twenty-four personality characteristics -- such as competitiveness, assertiveness, response to structure and change, how organized one is, group-orientation, response to stress, sense of urgency -- that are essential to professional and personal success. 

Practical Uses for the TotalView Assessment

A powerful partner in personal development

  • Provides an objective picture of each person's unique talents and assets.
  • Allows a deeper understanding of why some jobs, relationships and life situations are a better “fit” than others.
  • Enhances goal-setting, decision-making and relationship skills.
  • Achieve your highest potential with the TotalView’s accurate and validated information.

A businesses tool that delivers results 

  • End high turnover costs.  Use in your hiring and promotion process to find people similar to those already successful on the job. 
  • Improve teamwork and strengthen partnerships.  Decrease frustrating personality and work style conflicts that reduce efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Determine specific training/coaching needs to obtain the best possible return-on-investment of time and resources.

How Is The TotalView Assessment Administered?

The TotalView Assessment TM is a practical tool.  It's administration and scoring is simple and completely unbiased. The information it yields can be applied often in a variety of ways without re-testing.

Here’s how SteppingStones works with you to obtain the most accurate and useful results:

  1. The TotalView Assessment TM  is self-administered, and the scoring is completely automated. You set aside about an hour for the process at your convenience.  It's important to be well rested, focused and undisturbed.  Just log on to the URL we provide to you and follow the simple directions to complete the web-based procedure right at your computer. E ach section is timed for you so that you can fully focus your attention on the assessment itself.
  2. Once you complete the assessment, your answers will be processed automatically and a 10-12 page report of your results will be sent to us via e-mail. We will forward this report on to you.
  3. We'll schedule a one-hour coaching session with you to thoroughly explain your results and discuss how you can implement this information in the most effective manner. Since this session is recorded and provided to you in the format of your choosing – MP3 download or MP3 or .wav format on CD – you can fully concentrate during your coaching time and still be able to completely review your results as often as necessary.
  4. We are always available for further questions, follow-up coaching or any other needs that arise as you work to integrate and implement the deeper level of self-awareness and knowledge that the TotalView Assessment TM provides.

The TotalView AssessmentTM can be administered to groups or teams as well as individuals.

Contact us to schedule YOUR Assessment or to receive further information.