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Your Doorway To A More Conscious Life

Analytical Trilogy is a unique personal development methodology developed by Dr. Norberto Keppe, a world-renowned Brazilian psychoanalyst, after more than 30 years of clinical research in Europe, the United States and Brazil. It is called "trilogy" because it synthesizes psychological science with the contributions of the great philosophical and spiritual thinkers -- unifying feeling, thought and action.

From Keppe's point of view, no matter how troubled a person may be, he still remains healthy in his essence. Our sanity (or lack of it) is determined by the degree to which we deny, omit or distort our inner wholeness. To become aware of the unconscious attitudes and behaviors which undermine and sabotage our lives, we must reconnect with our inner selves -- the part of us that is mostly hidden from perception. Analytical Trilogy accomplishes this.

The more we become aware of the ways we unconsciously hurt ourselves, the more psychologically balanced we become and the more we can accomplish, the more confidence we will gain and the better we can function, enjoying a healthy, successful life.

Nancy Gerber, Founder and President of SteppingStones, co-leads monthly FREE tele-seminars that look at common life challenges and situations from this unique and accessible perspective.

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